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Greetings, first of all here is a bit of information about us that may be noteworthy. This is the start of a new adventure for us, therefore it is one that we am very excited to begin. As a result our hope is that you will enjoy your visit and that you will find something especially relevant from the content of our site.

My wife and I have lived in the Salt Lake valley since 1985, in addition we haver two wonderful daughters.  Living in Utah, there are many beautiful National Parks to enjoy, National Forests to hike in, and most noteworthy, I have ridden thousands of miles on my road bike in the valley and surrounding areas. The scenery here is amazingly beautiful, therefore each of the four seasons accentuates thier natural beauty in ways unimaginable.


New Energy and a Fresh Outlook on Life.

I turned 60 in July 2015 and two weeks later I retired from a 23 year IT career developing software. The first four months of retirement were a whirl wind of activity and adjustment; I emerged out of that period with new energy and a fresh outlook on life. I am now happily involved with creating a new life style for myself and I have new views on life, family and happiness that are full of love and compassion.
My career for 23 years in Information Technology was a very rewarding for myself and my family. Over the last 16 years in that career I became very involved with the collection of aerial imagery and mapping services. I found it fascinating that there were so many ways that one can get to know an area without having to be there. Please feel free to use the map below to explore the surrounding area where I live. Be sure to use the Satellite view, you will certainly see some amazing imagery; which by the way I was involved with the management, access and retrieval of.

Below is the Salt Lake valley where we live, use the scroll feature of your mouse to zoom in and out.

This is my neighborhood in Sandy, Utah.

Sandy, Utah 84092